1. Bladt Industries A/S home page
  2. Brdr. Stjerne home page
  3. Danish Wind Turbine Owners Association home page
  4. Deme -- Dredging, Environmental and Marine Engineering, home page
  5. Difko International Finance House home page
  6. Difko Samsø 1 home page
  7. Difko turbine production Online press Online / Park view / find turbine T07
  8. EcoWind home page
  9. EcoWind Proven 6 kW datasheet PDF
  10. EDIN Samsø, Denmark, Strives to Become a Carbon-Neutral Island
  11. El Hierro home page
  12. Energy net now
  13. The Danish Windcase
  14. Energistyrelsen Stamdataregister for vindmøller
  15. European RE islands videos
  16. Eurostat: Inflation dashboard
  17. Go Energi, A-pæreberegner
  18. ISLENET, European Islands Network on Energy and Environment home page
  19. Larson J 2009 Island in Denmark produces more energy than it consumes, Worldfocus, series Green Energy in Denmark, Video 6 mins
  20. LORC Knowledge Datasheet for Paludans Flak wind park
  21. Map Samso in Europe
  22. NRGi Net El-deklaration
  23. Paludans Flak wind park on a map
  24. Paludans Flak Production Online press Online / Park view / find turbine T01
  25. Philips MyVision LED bulb 9W (PDF)
  26. Planenergi home page
  27. PVGIS, Photovoltaic Graphical Information System home page
  28. Samso Havvind Samsø Havvind
  29. Samsø Vindenergi I/S home page
  30. Scheuten Solar home page
  31. Samso Energy Academy home page
  32. Siemens Wind Power home page
  33. Solution Matrix, Encyclopedia of Business Terms and Methods
  34. State of Green home page
  35. Sweco Architects home page
  36. Vindinfo, genvej til statslig information om vindmøller
  37. Wikipedia Canola
  38. Wikipedia Cash flow
  39. Wikipedia Compact fluorescent lamp
  40. Wikipedia Discounted cash flow
  41. Wikipedia Incandescent light bulb
  42. Wikipedia Inflation
  43. Wikipedia Internal rate of return
  44. Wikipedia Joule
  45. Wikipedia LED lamp
  46. Wikipedia List of countries by energy consumption per capita
  47. Wikipedia Minimum acceptable rate of return
  48. Wikipedia Net Metering
  49. Wikipedia Payback period
  50. Wikipedia Photovoltaic system
  51. Wikipedia Rule of 72
  52. Wikipedia Samsø
  53. Wikipedia Solar Inverter
  54. Wikipedia Svend Auken
  55. Wikipedia Time value of money
  56. Wind Energy The Facts home page

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