Who can save where?

Older consumers

  • Homes with occupants over 60 years old often consume less electricity, as there are generally only one or two inhabitents. Per capita spending is generally at least as high as for younger generations.

  • Older consumers use a smaller proportion of electricity on refrigeration and freezing. This may be due to older or oversized appliances from when their children still lived at home.

  • Older consumers use more electricity on lighting.

  • Older consumers use less electricity on dishwashing, laundry and drying.


  • Singles have almost the same consumption patterns as the older consumers, i.e. more electricity goes to refrigeration/freezing and lighting.

  • Less electricity is spent on cooking, dishwashing, laundry and drying.

Families with children

  • Children under the age of 6 use less electricity than adults.

  • Teenagers use 20 - 30 % more electricity than adults.

  • More electricity is spent on dishwashing, laundry and drying when adults are between 30 - 50 years old.

  • Smaller appliances and chargers consume more electricity.

(Gram-Hanssen 2005)

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