Ways to save electricity

General advice (Nielsen and Dyck-Madsen 2006)

  • switch to energy efficient luminescent lightbulbs
  • check the timer on your circulation pump - alternatively, replace with an energy-efficient pump
  • check that all appliances are completely turned off - especially chargers
  • turn on only appliances in use
  • purchase the most efficient appliances

Advice on lighting (Jacobsen 2002)

  • switch off unnecessary lighting. Install timers and light and motion sensitive equipment.
  • paint walls and ceiling with light colours. Also reduces discomfort from glare and light trespass.
  • Choose the correct lighting. Use appropriate workplace lighting.
  • Use halogen lighting for impact lighting, rather than area/flood lighting.
  • Use high-frequency flourescent lighting, "HF". They have longer lifetimes and reduced flickering.
  • Exploit daylight using automatic light sensitive monitoring.
  • Regular maintenance.

Standby advice (Jacobsen 2002)

  • Turn off all equipment when not in use.
  • Install automatic slumber mode where possible.
  • Turn off screens when absent for longer periods.
  • Purchase appliances marked with "Energy Star" or equivalent.
  • Choose flatscreens.

Table 1. Examples of energy saving advice. Electricity price of 2 DKK/kWh.

DKK kWh Advice
630 315 Substitute 1 desktop and 1 old desktop terminal with an energy efficient laptop
560 280 Exchange 7 incandescent bulbs with energy efficient ones
364 182 Exchange an old fridge and freezer to a new energy eficient model
122 61 Plug TV and miscellaneous into an energy saving multisocket
180 90 Plug computer and miscellaneous into an energy saving multisocket
560 280 Exchange manually controlled heat pump to energy efficient automated heat pump
56 28 Only run washing machines with full loads, saving every fourth wash (40 degrees, old machine)
824 412 Dry your clothes outside rather than in a tumbler half the time (old tumbler)

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