SmartUse - Smart use as the missing link in district energy development

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1 Nov 2014 - 31 Oct 2016

With a smart energy system that integrates both district heating and cooling and electricity systems there is a great opportunity to increase the overall energy and resource efficiency; demand side management strategies such as reducing peak loads, load shifting with short term energy storage, and home appliances run on district heating are all examples of how efficiency can be increased. Yet, efficiency improvements in smart energy systems to reach their full potential the end users of such systems, i.e. the resident, must understand and accept the necessary changes. Further, the residents can no longer be passive consumers but should contribute to the overall resource efficiency by adopting domestic energy behaviours that make use of energy in the most efficient way. To achieve this, we will develop an intuitive, smart and predictive home energy management system. The home energy management system will connect the heating, cooling and power appliances of a home to enable residents to achieve their everyday needs in a more efficient way. The focus of this project is to develop the user interface of the home energy management system. To be able to evaluate the user interface the finalised concept will be a functional prototype digital application. A prototype series of the home energy management system will be developed and tested in an existing district energy system at Samsø together with Samsø Energy Academy. The goal after this project is to take the project forward and make a large scale implementation at Samsø and in Gothenburg through Göteborg Energi AB, two locations representing both a smaller closed system, and a large scale city-wide system.

Supported by the International Energy Agency, IEA, District Heating and Cooling including Combined Heat and Power

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