Price of a kWh

Fig. 1 A kWh costs app. 2 DKK. The price on Samsø is app. equal
to the average West of Storebælt. Government taxes are app. 2/3
of the price. The calculations are based on an annual consumption
of 4 000 kWh pr 1 Jan 2009
(Source: Elpristavlen, Dansk Energi 2009; NRGi).

One kWh costs app. 2 DKK with VAT

The kWh price is based on taxes, distribution charges and supplier prices for the consumed kWh. The price is constant throughout the year.

Customers purchase electricity from any supplier. The utility companies charge different prices (please see the price chart 'Elpristavlen' under References). The customers who do not wish to choose a supplier themselves are supplied by the company nominally responsible for the given area. On Samsø this would be NRGi.

Electricity supplier and network operator

  • The electricity supplier delivers the electricity.
  • The network operator owns the distribution system and electricity cables.
  • You are free to choose your electricity supplier.

Network operator charges for

  • Use of their distribution net.
  • Regulation requirements (PSO).
  • Government taxes.

Electricity supplier charge

  • Quarterly fee based on estimated consumption.
  • Fixed annual fee.
  • Possible remote utility meter reading.

Electricity competition
The utility company's product. The supplier must present a fixed price each quarter to be approved by the Danish Energy Regulatory Authority.

Local net tariff
The local network costs for the transport of electricity, energy advisory etc. NRGi owns the local network on Samsø.

Energinet.dk transmission
Distribution net at peak load. It is administered by energinet.dk both east and west of Storebælt.

Public commitments, PSO
Ensuring a balance of electricity provision, stocks, research and development etc.

Public Service Obligation.

Government taxes 2009

  • 0.55 DKK pr kWh for energy tax
  • 0.04 DKK pr kWh for electricity distribution tax
  • 0.006 DKK pr kWh for energy savings donation (Elsparefonden)
  • 0.089 DKK pr kWh for CO2 tax
  • 25 % VAT after all above taxes have been added to the total

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