The name PROMISE stands for Promoting Best Practices to Support Energy Efficient Consumer Behaviour on European Islands. The project lasts from 1 Jun 2011 to 30 Nov 2013.

Energy Efficiency

Maximising energy savings and reaching high energy efficiency levels are crucial challenges currently faced by the EU. Residential energy demand is rapidly increasing due to larger homes, new services and additional appliances, putting a strain on the economies and energy infrastructures of EU regions. Moreover, domestic energy use is still largely invisible to the user and this is a prime cause of wastage. Most people have only a vague idea of how much energy they use for different purposes and what difference they could make by changing day-to-day behaviour or investing in energy efficiency measures.

Project Objective

The overall goal of the project PROMISE is to support better information provision by tackling the main barriers that still exist today for taking up energy efficient behaviour among consumers.

Through PROMISE, households will be approached and supported in choosing the most energy efficient products and encouraged to reduce household consumption in gas and electricity. Furthermore, they will learn about successfully implemented measures which generate, through financial incentives and ownership models, a more participatory involvement in energy concerns.

Work packages
  1. Project management and coordination
  2. Assessment of good practices and guidelines for knowledge transfer fine tuning
  3. Capacity building and Awareness campaign design
  4. Pilot action implementation
  5. Large scale European awareness campaign
  6. Communication
  7. EACI dissemination activities

Target Group

PROMISE focuses its activities on insular regions located in European areas with different climatic and geomorphologic conditions: Samsø (Denmark), Iceland, Tenerife (Spain) and Ios (Greece). The main reason why the project targets insular regions is that islands have a vital need to guarantee energy supply and adopt energy conscious behaviours that promote energy efficiency. Alongside with their manageable size with regard to population and consequently, a high probability to reach a wide range of households, the deep connection and identification of the inhabitants with their territories is a reason to a greater interest in safeguarding the territory and thus also in the willingness to adopt behaviours that support energy efficiency and the rational use of resources.



The total budget of PROMISE is 1 million euros, of which the EU has granted 75%. The project is under the Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) program. The contract is with the Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation (agreement no IEE/10/312/SI2.589421).

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