Household savings of CO2

Denmark taxes CO2 emissions, and the tax revenue is channeled to less developed countries

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Fig. 1 CO2 reductions (WMO in Nielsen and Dyck-Madsen 2006).

Table 1. CO2 reductions (WMO i Nielsen og Dyck-Madsen 2006)

Action kg CO2/year
Mowing your lawn with a manual lawnmower 40
Install a water saving showerhead 150
Exchange all lightbulbs with energysaving bulbs 250
Only wash at 30-40 degrees 250
Use a solar panel to heat hot water 360
Recycle all paper, glass and metal 400
Initiate two carfree weekdays 750
Insulate the house (from none to fully insulated) 2000

The figures are averages across family sizes, housing conditions and climate zones. They are applicable to houses in industrialized countries.

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