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Fig. 1 Watt-hour meter "SpareOmeter" from
Elsparefonden. Measures watt and kilowatt hours.

The SparOmeter is a watt-hour meter from the Danish Centre for Energy Savings (Elsparefonden) which measures the electriciy consumed by an appliance and converts it into a cost in DKK. Simply plug the "SparOmeter" into your power socket and then plug your appliance into the meter.

  • The "SparOmeteret" estimates the electricity consumption in watt
  • The "SparOmeteret" measures consumption over time in kWh
  • The "SparOmeteret" converts consumption into DKK/year

The price per kilowatt hour charged by your local utility company can be typed into the meter.

You can find more information on the "SparOmeter" on the page References.

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