Energy Ambassadors


Energy Ambassadors

Project period: May 2009 - Oct 2011

Energy Ambassadors are people already working in local authorities, non-profit organizations, healthcare or social organizations. They will follow trainings to become energy referents within the organizations they work. In a second step they will take care of the energy issues of their usual public (with home visits, phone advice, awareness raising meetings / neighbourhood conferences).

Dealing with energy issues and social difficulties we can find solutions for the concerned people to save money and energy, and to gain other benefits as comfort and health improvement, then to improve their social situation.

Target groups

  • Our first target group is the social actors (from local authorities, social or healthcare organizations, social housing organizations, etc.), energy providers, owners and tenants (individuals, private and public companies).

  • Our final target group is the people in a situation of fuel poverty and/or with low income (unemployed people, elderly people, new immigrants, single parent families, etc.).

Main objectives

  • To implement sustainable and practical solutions to fight against fuel poverty and generate energy savings in households;
  • To duplicate and adapt the French Energy Ambassadors concept: phone advices, home visits, trainings, conferences;
  • To aware and inform our final target group on energy savings and to achieve behaviour changes;
  • To train professionals working with this public on energy savings and energy efficiency;
  • To enable an exchange of knowledge and experience among the Energy Ambassadors and the Consortium partners;
  • To transfer, replicate and sustain the Energy Ambassadors Campaigns in other regions and other social organizations.

The project is supported 75% by the European Union under the Intelligent Energy Europe programme.


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