BIORES (closed)

Nov 2007 - Apr 2010

BIORES aims to promote technologies for energy production from biogas derived from municipal waste in European islands. Work started in November 2007 and the project has a duration of 30 months.

Work focuses on 6 European islands, namely:

  • Samos (Greece),
  • Samso (Denmark),
  • Sardinia (Italy),
  • Tremiti islands (Italy),
  • Porto Santo (Portugal), and
  • the Outer Hebrides of Scotland.

The project addresses two important issues faced by islands:

  • energy dependency from the mainland, and
  • waste management.

BIORES will promote small-scale decentralised energy production from renewable energy sources. It will also link it with the energy end-use needs of the island communities. In addition, it will promote sustainable waste management.

A software decision support system (DSS) will be developed, taking into account all the parameters that affect decisions for investing in small-scale RES applications based on biogas from waste. The DSS tool will assist potential investors to assess the existing situation, identify barriers that are present in each case and evaluate possible investments.

The project is supported 50% by the European Union under the Intelligent Energy Europe programme.


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